Is there a disability loan

The question of whether there is a disability loan is frequently asked by an accident or congenitally disabled individuals. Within the scope of the disabled loan, especially public banks give loans to our disabled citizens.

The most important thing to do before using credit; It receives a disability report from state or private hospital boards. You can never apply for a disability loan without a disabled report.

Thanks to the agreements it has made, GFI provides loans to disabled citizens. In the rest of our article, you can find answers to all questions regarding the application via GFI.

GFI Disabled Loan Application Requirements 2019


GFI disabled loan application conditions have been carefully determined to protect the rights and order of individuals with disabilities. Application conditions requested by GFI:

  • People who will use credit must be between the ages of 18-81.
  • 2022 must take the disabled salary.
  • It should not have a mental disability.
  • There should be no lien in the salaries of the disabled.
  • It is necessary to take the disabled salary from GFI.
  • The credit rating should be high.

All disabled individuals who meet the above conditions can obtain loans by going to the nearest GFI branch.

Banks with GFI Disabled Loan Agreement


Banks with GFI disabled loan agreements have been announced by GFI as 5 banks. For the question of whether there is a disability loan, the best answer is to explain the banks that offer loans. Banks with which you can use loans through GFI within the scope of disability loan :

Receiving GFI Disabled Card


Getting a GFI disabled card is a fairly simple process. It is similar to the process of receiving a pension card. You have to go to GFI branches for the transaction to which you will apply for credit. GFI will automatically provide you with a card if your application is accepted and your credit is approved.

If you receive a disability pension from another bank, it is recommended that you move your salary to GFI. In credit evaluation processes, this method is very useful for a positive evaluation of your credit. You can turn your disabled salary on GFI by going to GFI branches in the province and district near you. GFI does not request any fees for this transaction.

GFI Disabled Loan Monthly Interest Rates


It is necessary to provide accurate information on GFI disability loan interest rates because you are not borrowing from GFI, but from banks with which it has contracts. Interest rates set by contracted banks for disability loan :

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