The agencies that market its credit solutions to individuals and professionals


It is the partners of its network of intermediaries and Best Bank.

A subsidiary of Best Bank, GCI is a credit financing company. The brand has recognized and international expertise in the financing by credit of automobile, nautical purchasing projects and in the repurchase of credit.

GCI now has 800 employees, has 17 commercial agencies in France, 280,000 customers and over 60 years of experience. Number 1 in pleasure boating financing in France, GCI is also number 2 of independent financial establishments on the French automobile market.

The distribution and sale of GCI financing products is done through its network of IOBSP partners: intermediaries in banking operations and payment services. These are automobile and nautical dealers, lending organizations and Best Bank agencies.

GCI Finance offers groups of loans of all types (mortgage, consumer credit, revolving credit, etc.) at advantageous rates, with fixed maturities, which do not require heavy administrative procedures. Individuals and professionals can subscribe to a GCI credit buyout only from one of the group’s partner lending organizations, or from a Societe Generale agency. GCI also markets insurance for individuals: Personal Insurance, Real Estate Value Guarantee.

Submit a credit repurchase file with GCI

Submit a credit repurchase file with GCI

It is through the intermediation of a GCI partner dealer or a Best Bank agency that you will be able to discover and subscribe to a GCI credit buy-back offer. It is therefore with these organizations that you will file a credit repurchase file. You then submit your application to benefit from GCI’s credit consolidation service. The latter then assesses the feasibility of your project and the financial risks they entail using criteria to decide whether or not to finally grant the buyout. To prepare your credit repurchase file, you will need to consolidate various documents. These essential documents for your buy-back file vary according to the nature of the loans to be grouped together: consumer credit, mortgage, agricultural credit, etc.

GCI’s credit repurchase rates


GCI Finance does not communicate the repurchase rates of credit that it practices with its customers. This information is only available from GCI partner establishments and Best Bank agencies. Note that these reimbursement rates vary depending on the quality of your file. They also evolve every year. If you want to know the repurchase rates of credit practiced by GCI, you must contact an intermediary, explain your project and then assess the repurchase rate of credit which you can claim with the help of an adviser or ‘seller. You can also compare the credit buy-back rates from more transparent lenders and then try to calculate the best credit buy-back rate for your file.

Simulate a credit buyout with GCI

Simulate a credit buyout with GCI

GCI Finance does not provide you with any tool or service to help you simulate a credit buy-back, whether online or by telephone. However, during your meeting with one of GCI’s partner dealers or one of the agencies of the Best Bank network, if you are interested in the GCI credit buy-back offer, you will have the opportunity to estimate your budget with an advisor.

Credit repurchase: the opinions of GCI customers

Credit repurchase: the opinions of GCI customers

GCI Finance customers unanimously salute the quality of listening and the innovation capacity of the financial organization. The group is in particular one of the rare French financing company certified by Cream bank: it benefits from the “AFAQ 26000” certification which assesses the level of social responsibility of a company.

They also appreciate the support that GCI offers to its subscribers. The group has in fact set up a partnership with the independent organization, which helps clients in managing their budget after buying back credits. The personalization of the financing solutions advanced by GCI is also a strong asset of the brand, from the point of view of its customers.

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