The subsidiary dedicated to the repurchase of credit

Lender Bank: company expert in the repurchase of credit

Lender Bank: company expert in the repurchase of credit

Lender Bank has been a specialist in loan buy-back since 1998, with a network of 250 intermediary partners in banking operations to distribute its products in France. These are more than 250 employees serving the 100,000 customers of the company. The group markets two financing solutions:

  • personal loan;
  • the repurchase of credits.

But Lender Bank, these are also services allowing you to manage your bank accounts, subscribe to a payment card or even save on bank books. This complementary credit offer has been developed for several years in order to offer a complete service to Lender Bank customers.

What are the types of credit repurchases from Lender Bank?

What are the types of credit repurchases from Lender Bank?

In the area of ​​credit, Lender Bank’ specialty remains the repurchase of credits. There are three types of possible groupings with Lender Bank:

  • the repurchase of mortgage credit;
  • the repurchase of consumer credit;
  • buy back project credit.

These three financings have the same objectives: to benefit the borrower from a reduction in their monthly payments by replacing several loans held in competition by a single new loan.

Mortgage loan redemption

Mortgage loan redemption

The repurchase of mortgage credit is addressed only to the owners of a real estate of any order (house, apartment or building). On the other hand, this loan is not only intended for households that still have outstanding mortgage loans to repay.

Indeed, a mortgage loan redemption should not be confused with a mortgage loan redemption. The latter concerns the repurchase of a real estate loan allocated to a particular property. On the other hand, a repurchase of mortgage credit makes it possible to redeem debts of any order (mortgage, but also personal loans, revolving loans…) by taking as collateral a real estate concerned or not by the operation.

At Lender Bank, a mortgage loan repurchase follows a specific formality and modalities. It is thus possible to borrow a sum of money between $ 50,000 and $ 400,000 over a period ranging from 120 months to 300 months. This offer only concerns individuals. Professionals and SCI cannot use it.

The APR (Annual Effective Annual Rate) of a mortgage loan repurchase is between 3.93% and 4.47%. Fixed, this rate is determined according to the amount of the loan, its duration and the situation of the borrowers.

As a guarantee, of course, a real estate mortgage will be taken for the benefit of the lending institution. This guarantee should not be studied lightly: if repayment difficulties arise, the bank can then seize the house or apartment concerned.

Good to know: a repurchase of mortgage credit carried out with Lender Bank benefits from a major advantage, the fees of notary and the expenses of file are included in the financing. It is thus possible to obtain financing without contribution. An ideal solution for all households wishing to keep their savings for future projects or who do not have enough cash available.

Consumer credit repurchase

Consumer credit repurchase

The consumer credit buyout offer is aimed at owners and tenants. It allows all types of loans to be grouped together: car loans, work loans, revolving loans, leisure loans, etc. Its objective is the same as any other loan buy-back: to reduce the amount of installments to be paid each month.

Employees, civil servants or independent professionals can request the purchase of consumer credits from Lender Bank. 100% customizable solution, it is possible to group together various types of debts:

  • personal loans;
  • affected consumer loans (car loans, works, etc.);
  • revolving credits;
  • other debts (late invoices, rents to be paid, family debts, etc.);
  • and even your home loans! In order for them to be included, however, they must represent less than 60% of the total amount of loan redemption.

The purchase of consumer loans from Lender Bank makes it possible to combine several loans over a period of between 84 and 180 months, for an amount of $ 7,500 to $ 200,000. Please note: the maximum amount that can be borrowed is $ 100,000 for individuals renting their accommodation. The APR of such an offer is higher than that of a mortgage buy-back. In question ? No real guarantee on real estate is requested. As a result, the displayed APRC fluctuates between 4.63% and 5.68% fixed.

Good to know : taking out a loan with Lender Bank does not in any way require you to have to change banks. If you are interested in the Lender Bank credit offer, you will need to contact a client advisor or one of the company’s intermediary partners.

Repurchase of project credit

Third and last solution to have your credits grouped at Lender Bank: the purchase of project credits. All debts can be included (home loan, consumer loan, revolving credit, etc.). However, only borrowers with real estate are eligible. Unlike the two previous solutions, the purchase of Lender Bank project credits makes it possible not only to buy back existing loans, but also to take out new credit for an upcoming project. In reality, the repurchase of project credits is not one and only financing, but indeed two distinct:

  • already existing debts can be financed for an amount of $ 7,500 to $ 200,000 over a period of 84 to 180 months. This is a classic loan buyback operation;
  • in addition, a personal loan of between $ 3,000 and $ 50,000 can also be requested. Its reimbursement must be spread over a shorter period, between 12 and 84 months.

The rates for these two types of Lender Bank loans are also to be distinguished:

  • for the redemption of credits, the fixed APR varies between 4.63% and 5.52%;
  • for the new personal loan, the fixed APR is 3.90%.

How to file a credit buyback file with Lender Bank?

How to file a credit buyback file with Lender Bank?

To obtain a consolidation of your loans from Lender Bank or from another organization, you must constitute a credit repurchase file composed of several supporting documents. It will then be evaluated according to the standard criteria in force to which your service provider refers to grant credit repurchase or not.

To prepare your file, you will need, for example, identity documents, proof of income and charges, loans and bank documents as well as proof of address. Certain elements of your file are variable and depend on the nature of the loans that you wish to group. Remember to prepare your credit repurchase file early and take the time to gather all the documents: this will increase your chances of having your credit request processed quickly.

How to make a credit buyback simulation with Lender Bank?

How to make a credit buyback simulation with Lender Bank?

With Lender Bank, you can simulate your credit repurchase for free online on its website On the home page, click on “Simulate my credit buy-back”. Fill in all the fields of the form that opens then click again on “Simulate my buy-back”. You can also do this simulation on the website. If the Lender Bank offer really interests you, know that you will reproduce this simulation more precisely during your meeting with a Lender Bank account manager. You can also make this estimate with several financing organizations, specialists in credit consolidation or not. This then allows you to compare the different loan redemption rates that will be offered to you.

What are Lender Bank’ credit repurchase rates?

What are Lender Bank

Do you have a borrowing project? Do you want to know the rates charged by Lender Bank? Like many credit organizations, Lender Bank does not directly communicate the repurchase rates of credit it practices. But you can simulate your credit repurchase with Lender Bank on its website: you will then have an overview of the repayment rates that can be applied to your credit repurchase project. The credit rates offered by Lender Bank are not the same for all customers. These rates vary with the quality of your file, that is to say in particular depending on the feasibility of your project and your creditworthiness. Each year, the loan repayment rates practiced by the banks change. A rate range is however given by Lender Bank for each financing.

  • 4.63% to 5.68% for the repurchase of consumer loans;
  • 3.93% to 4.47% for the repurchase of mortgage loans;
  • 4.63% to 5.52% for the repurchase of project credits;
  • 3.90% for personal loans associated with the repurchase of project credits.

How to contact Lender Bank customer service?

How to contact Lender Bank customer service?

Are you planning to have your debts consolidated? Lender Bank is an organization specialized in this field. If it is possible to carry out credit simulations online, it is often necessary to obtain details, advice and follow-up on your credit application. For this, Lender Bank can be contacted by several means.

Contact Lender Bank via the customer area

This possibility is only offered to borrowers who are already clients of the company. For a question relating to current loans or a new request, they can contact a specialized advisor using the messaging service in the Lender Bank customer area. This tool is synonymous with saving time: it allows advisers to quickly and easily identify their contact and know their situation precisely.

Good to know: for non-customers, Lender Bank offers a contact form accessible directly on the website without the need to identify yourself.

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